Campervan Hire in the UK

The UK is full of history, beautiful sights, and plenty to do and see. One of the best ways of experiencing it is to go on a travel holiday. There are many ways of doing this, but one of the best is to get yourself a campervan, load up, and away you go.

You may not be able to afford such an outlay, or you may have never stayed in a campervan before and would rather try it before considering purchasing. So, the best thing for you to do is to use a DinkyDubs Campervan Hire. This way you can try it, and see if you like it.

The best thing, is that when you are hooked (which you will be!!), you could buy your own DinkyDub and when you are not using it, let us hire it out on your behalf. Check out our Earn & Explore Package.

Campervan Hire UK Holidays

Camping is a very exciting way to holiday. It puts you closer to nature, and allows you to enjoy the outside world a great deal more. Staying at hotels is all very well, but it can prevent you from having great experiences. For example, in a camper van, you will likely be staying at a campsite. This will put you in close proximity to other people. By day you can go out and sight see, but in the evening, there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of sharing time with like minded people, eating barbecues, drinking wine, and making new friends. That’s what holidays are all about, the experience.

Furthermore, with a camper van, once you’re ready to sleep, you can go into your van and close the door, and be just that little bit detached from nature. Remember those tent holidays where you roughed it on uncomfortable mattresses, and shared your sleeping bag with bugs and the like? Not so with camper vans, it’s almost like being in your own bed.

Campervan Hire UK

The other beauty of going on a camper van holiday is that you never have to unpack. Before you leave, you put all your clothes in the wardrobes and drawers, pack your food in the fridge, and other things you want.  Your fridge has power to keep your food cold, and everything is at arms reach.

Touring from place to place is a breeze. Had enough of one site? Simply upsticks and move on. Remember no need to pack and unpack. It’s so easy.

Campervan Hire in the UK – The DinkyDub

Why DinkyDubs? Well………

  1. Perfect size, easy to drive, easy to park, better fuel economy.
  2. VW Campervan. It has the badge, the engine and the class of it bigger brothers, but costs less to hire, better MPG and easier to drive.
  3. Unlimited Mileage
  4. Insurance included, UK and Europe
  5. Breakdown Included
  6. All the equipment you need for your campervan UK break included.
  7. Pickup from Peterborough, with fantastic transport links. A1 5 mins from collection point.
  8. Sleep up to 4 with the fantastic roof tent box.
  9. Low Damage Deposits
  10. Dogs allowed (see faqs for more info)

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