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Have you always liked the idea of owning a campervan, but can’t justify the expense for something that might sit idle for a large part of the year?

We are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Rising Sun Campers (RSC) to offer an Earn & Explore package on their increasingly popular VW Caddy conversions. It is simplicity at its finest; they build you a micro camper to the DinkyDubs standard after you have chosen your interior styling & base vehicle. Rising Sun Campers can even finance the converted vehicle for you.  For the next three years, DinkyDubs will offer your camper for rent (when you’re not using it to explore) over various platforms, including our rapidly growing social media accounts and Google listings. 

We will manage the whole booking process, which includes booking queries, rental agreements, ID checks, deposit management and handover videos. We will guide you through the insurance process and give you lists of where to get all your camping essentials – even the collapsible kitchen sink!

The DinkyDub will live at your house – it is your camper, and you have free access when it’s not out and about earning you money. The only bit you have to do is have it sparkly clean for the next hirer.  You don’t even have to be there to hand the Camper over, as we will provide insurance friendly familiarisation videos for hassle free contactless handover.

To find out more, read our extensive Q&A’s. Together, we want to give you everything up front to help you make an informed decision. If and when you are ready to talk, the next steps are below.


Conversion of a newer shape (65 reg onwards) standard Ex-British Gas Caddy to the DinkyDubs standard will be £12,355* including VAT*. The cost of the base vehicle can fluctuate depending on age and mileage, normally between £9,500 and £12,000 including VAT. RSC generally always have some in stock, see Vans for Sale to get an up-to-date price of the base vehicle.  

Most things are covered in the standard conversion, but you will need to provide crockery, cutlery, and other camping equipment to include for hires. We will advise you where to get all of this at reasonable prices – this will be no more than £500 including VAT. It’s better for you to get this yourself in case anything gets damaged and needs to be replaced 

  • Self-Drive Hire Insurance – around £1,300/year 
  • Public Liability Insurance – around £225/year 
  • Breakdown cover – around £150/year 
  • Vehicle Tax – around £280/year 
  • Habitation check – Around £150/year (RSC can carry this out and give your camper the once over whilst it’s with us) 
  • Ongoing maintenance, MOT’s etc – no different to any other vehicle depending on local variations, main dealer’s vs independents etc. 

There are no subscription type costs for us to advertise your vehicle and manage your bookings, we simply take 20% of any rental income before transferring you the balance.

There will be no over-promising of buy to rent income here, just a description of how it has gone to date. DinkyDubs started trading in late July 2020 and from a standing start we managed to achieve a 52% occupancy through August, September, and October. November to March will take a natural dip (although it can be hired and comfortable during the winter months with the on-board heating) but we are hopeful of high occupancies as the British look towards staycations following a very challenging 2020 and a changing perspective on the breaks we take. Our search engine optimisation and brand recognition are improving daily, and each owner will immediately benefit from that. 

After we take our share , you will be left with between £336 for a super off-peak week and £504 per week in the summer, not bad for something that would otherwise be sitting on the drive. As we said, nobody can guarantee occupancy rates, but we can all certainly do our best to get DinkyDubs in front of all the right potential customers. 

There will be no complicated algorithms just simple geography. The DinkyDubs website will give the hirer a choice of pickup location based upon the owner locations. It will also be advertised on third party “broker” websites at no additional cost to the owner. 

You will need to provide Self-Drive hire insurance along with public liability insurance. You can include four named drivers on the policy who can drive the DinkyDub at any time. All other drivers will need to have a valid rental agreement and cleared & traceable damage deposit. See Ongoing costs for further detail 

There will be a relatively casual agreement between DinkyDubs and owners. It will say that all conversions will be no more than three years old (base vehicles can be older). The owner will be required to make the Campervan exclusively available to DinkyDubs (apart from when they are out in it themselves – there is no minimum number of days we ask you to make it available for – it is yours after all!) We will also ask that you keep the branding on and basically honour the bookings that have been made on your behalf. If at any point you wanted to sell your van or stop hiring it out, DinkyDubs will work with you to find alternative ways of fulfilling any outstanding bookings you may have. 

Sure, but it will need to be booked through our system to remain compliant with your insurance. We can set you up discount codes to provide to your friends and family (note, our  fee will still apply to all hires) 

The prices quoted for conversion are based upon one of RSC’s vans from stock, but they are happy for you to source your vehicle elsewhere. Although remember it will have to be the blue ex British gas variant 65 plate or newer. (note, savings can be made on the conversion price if the colour coding is done elsewhere) 

That’s a great idea, hire the original DK11 from Peterborough to see what it’s all about. If you later decide to go ahead with our Explore and Earn package, we will refund you 40% of your rental fees when you pick up your new camper. Lovely bit of cashback.  

We worked with RSC to produce a package and layout that is perfect for owners and renters alike. The idea is that all campers may have their own little interior character but will all function and externally look the same. This means we can offer competitive conversion costs along with repeatable handover videos etc.  

The Dinky Dubs standard costs £12,255* including VAT and includes the full conversion from a standard un-modified ex British gas Caddy Maxi to an exploring ready micro camper 


This includes colour coding, alloy wheels, DinkyDubs branding, aluminium roof bars and a private registration in the DKXX DUB sequence.  

DinkyDubs Standard – Internal 

The inside comes with everything you see in the pictures on this page, it’s the same as the “Kompakt Plus Low” package on RSC’s Caddy Conversions page. Although we love the colour combo, you’re free to choose your furniture and seat finishes (fabric or leatherette) – further details on the Caddy Conversions page 

Whilst it’s important that the DinkyDub remains functionally consistent, there are a few things you may wish to add – some of which would be an optional extra for your hirers.  

Roof top tent – sleep an additional two people – £1,995* including VAT + £10 additional hire per night (if selected by your hirer) 

Leather seat upgrade – around £1,000*. No additional hire per night but might make your cleaning easier. 

Removable Swan Neck tow bar – £450* including VAT. Can be used for bike rack (another £160 ish) and rented for an additional £25 per hire 

Note: the conversion cost along with any of the above extras can be included in one of our finance packages 

*get in touch with RSC for a fixed price on the leather upgrade. All other prices are correct as of Dec-2020 and are likely to stay the same for the foreseeable. However, they could be subject to slight change through ongoing pandemics, a no deal Brexit or whatever 2021 might throw at us! All we know for sure is that we are all ready and waiting to expand the little blue fleet and get everyone on a #Dubcation in 2021. 

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