Can We Holiday In The UK?

Following the statement in the house of commons by the PM, in England the government plans to allow:

  1. No Earlier then 12 April 2021, the re opening of campsites and self catering holiday lets, where people do not share facilities.
  2. Holidays can only be taken with members of your own household.
  3. By no earlier than 17 May, all remaining accommodation can open.

Can I hire a Campervan in England?

Well, it appears that yes, you can hire a campervan or motorhome in England and go to a campsite, from 12 April. However, they have stated that shared facilities can not be used, so caution should be taken in booking campsites.

Can I hire a DinkyDub.

We are awaiting further details in regards to campsite shared facilities. As our campervans do not have toilet and shower facilities, this would be an issue. We are therefore opening all bookings from 17 May, and will gain more information before opening up booking from 12 April.

All booking are covered by our covid cancellation policy, check out our FAQS .

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